The REWE Lab is led by Dr. Girme at Simon Fraser University.

Our research aims to understand how social relationships can foster better psychological and physiological wellbeing.


Relationship RESEARCH

People involved in supportive intimate relationships experience better psychological and physical health. However, even good relationships are hard to maintain. Given the crucial role of intimate relationships in protecting people against psychological and physical health problems, our research aims to determine when and for whom relationships foster greater wellbeing.


Unfortunately, not all individuals are able to reap the benefits of supporting partners because their attachment-related insecurities undermine their ability to seek support, cope with stress, or feel comfortable within intimate contexts. Our research identifies how people can manage their partner’s insecurities in order to maximize the benefits arising from supportive relationships.



Singlehood is becoming more common as people pursue their aspirations and as rates of divorce rise. Past research suggests that coupled people experience greater wellbeing compared to single people. However, relationships can also be a source of hurt and conflict, which single people can avoid. Our research aims to understand factors that maximize single peoples' wellbeing.


People need to feel supported by others in order to cope with life stress and achieve personal goals. But, providing the right kind of support can be difficult. Even well-intended support can backfire and make others feel worse and create relationship difficulties. Our research explores how people can provide the right kind and amount of support to close others.