Dr. Yuthika Girme


Dr. Yuthika Girme leads the Supporting REWE Lab at Simon Fraser University. Dr. Girme completed her PhD at the University of Auckland in 2015. She completed her post-doctorate at Purdue University before joining SFU in 2016. Her primary research goals involve identifying the ways people can effectively provide support and generate closeness in their romantic relationships. Her research focuses on how contextual factors and partners’ relationship insecurities can help explain when providing support can be beneficial or costly.

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Mari del Casal

Mari Del Casal is our Lab Coordinator. Mari recently completed his psychology degree at Simon Fraser University and is hoping to continue on in a mental-health related program at the intersection of clinical practice and health policy. He is also a research assistant for the Adolescent Health Lab led by Dr. Marlene Moretti. His research interests focus on attachment theory, aggressive behaviour, and physiological stress; and is interested in understanding the role that supportive or abusive relationships between parents, friends or romantic partners have on individual physical and mental health.

Amber Edwards

Amber is a Masters student in the Supporting REWE Lab. Her research interests lay in social identity theory and intergroup relations, with a specific focus on intersecting singlehood and prejudice, discrimination, and social justice. Amber is originally from Cannon Falls, MN, USA, and grew up with six siblings and a bunch of pets. She enjoys reading and writing, for both school and for fun. Possibly the nerdiest thing about her is that she likes doing symbolic logic proofs. Amber hopes to pursue a career in academia so that her research can influence policy.